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QMG News

QMG Presents the Third
Annual Diabetes Awareness Event.

At Quincy Medical Group we understand the importance of providing the public with the resources required to manage chronic disease and fulfill a positive lifestyle. This is why Quincy Medical Group is hosting the third annual Diabetes Awareness Event on November 13 from 5 to 7:30 pm as part of our Physician Speaker Series at the Salvation Army, Kroc Center in Quincy, IL.

“75 percent of the American population is now overweight,” stated Dr. Sharon Harris, Endocrinologist at Quincy Medical Group, “And at least 10 percent have diabetes with an alarming rise in those numbers projected over the next forty years. A new federal report predicts that one in three American adults may have diabetes by 2050, with the number of patients projected to double or triple over the next 40 years. People who are currently twenty years old have a lifetime risk of developing type 2 diabetes of around 35 percent,” said Dr. Harris. “When type 2 diabetes is diagnosed before age 40, life expectancy is decreased by 15 years.”

Along with numerous informational booths and expert advice from quality diabetes resources, including QMG physicians and drug representatives, this year the event offers a comedic highlight. Comedians Rick Davis and Bob Kelly from the duo “Do or Diabetes” are prepared to take the stage and change the way people think about this seemingly overwhelming disease. Their aim is to help people attain a healthier lifestyle by providing insight, humor and a positive outlook to anyone affected by “The Big D”.

“Diabetes is a physical condition, with a mental component. We hope to help people struggling with the mental side of diabetes and give them a blueprint on how to work through some of their struggles. Attitude is everything in life, and in living with diabetes, said Bob Kelly with Do or Diabetes. “The sooner a person diagnosed with diabetes can look positively on their situation, the better chance they have of being in control.”

“Even the most daunting tasks seem easier with a smile on your face! Do or Diabetes is designed to let people laugh a little bit, and recognize that they are not alone, and change is possible. We laugh about a serious topic and aim to give people a positive perspective on living life with diabetes.” said Rick Davis from Do or Diabetes.

This event is free to the public and no reservation is required to attend. For more information please contact Hannah at 217-222-6550, ext. 6696.