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The HMR Program at Quincy Medical Group


Healthy Solutions® Clinic Weight-Loss Program:
A Healthy Way to Lose Weight Quickly

If you’re looking to lose weight quickly without the need for medical supervision, the HMR® Healthy Solutions weight-loss program is for you.

Average weight loss = 35–40 pounds!
Many lose much more.

(HMR data from selected programs
published or presented at medical conferences.)

Designed by health professionals to maximize weight loss without the need for medical supervision for most people,* the HMR Healthy Solutions Program follows a diet that is simple to stick with, filling so you don’t feel hungry, and with lots of delicious variety. Each day, you’ll enjoy:

The Healthy Solutions Program includes:

  • A structured, easy-to-follow, and filling diet
  • HMR Shakes, Puddings, Soup, Entrees, Bars, and Multigrain Hot Cereal
  • Weekly group meetings at Quincy Medical Group
  • Lifestyle education with individual plans for building healthy eating habits and practicing doable levels of physical activity
  • Weekly coaching calls with a trained HMR Health Educator
  • And proven results!
  • Call us at 217-277-4002 to get started today!

*Dieters taking medication for diabetes do require medical supervision. Medical supervision may also be recommended for other serious medical conditions.

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