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The Bridge the Gap Missionfamilies

"To Sustain or Enhance the Quality of Life of our Community"

Many years ago, the physician community determined a need to sponsor a prescription program to assist those who cannot always afford their medications. Patients often have to choose between food and needed medications, due to limited incomes. Quincy Catholic Charities MedAssist Program provides this service to area residents regardless of race, color, or religious beliefs.

The first twelve years of Bridge the Gap to Health has helped the QCC MedAssist Program leverage over $10.7 million to help those in need receive their prescription medication. All money raised from this event stays in the community. The need continues each and every day and we rely on your support to continue providing this valuable service to our friends, family, and neighbors. Donations to the QCC MedAssist program are tax-deductible.

How does the MedAssist Program Work?

Working with information supplied by the consumer, we assess your situation to see if you are eligible to apply to the patient assistance program operated by the company that manufactures the consumer's prescribed medicine. If you qualify, we will work with the consumer and your physician to enroll in the company's program.

Once the pharmaceutical company approves the application, along with its proper supporting documentation, the medicines will be sent directly to the physician's office. For more information on the MedAssist Program, please call (217) 222-0958.